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Why a killer headshot is crucial for business in 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A great headshot is unarguably the single most powerful tool for a person whose role it is to connect with others via a digital platform.

Social media and remote working has now become such an important part of the way we communicate and do business, as well as in our personal lives that the events of the last 18 months are now shaping the future of companies and the way we work. Those businesses willing and able to adapt to the more recent way of working will most certainly find the benefits outweigh the downsides.

We as people always got subconsciously judged on the quality of our work by the quality of our presence online, but now it's expected that having a good presence and company image online mostly before we've even been properly introduced to our clients or potential customers.

Elevating your brand or company can be as simple as placing a friendly face on the business. It can be taken in context to show you at work or neutral to add text such as contact details on the top later.

Why do so many people have a less than perfect headshot?

The simple answer is that most headshots are taken quickly as most working people these days have very little time. It may also be down to the (lack of) experience of the photographer (Or in lots of cases could even be just a phone selfie!). The ability to put someone at ease to get the shot that communicates the right philosophy, message and image is a well-practised skill. It requires talking to the client, putting them at ease, gaining their confidence and finding which side of their face is the preferred side (We all have one trust me and for about 80% of people it's the same side) and lots of other small barely noticeable changes. From a technical standpoint, it requires the knowledge of lighting, both portable and natural.

Tips for getting the headshots that WOW!

Okay, so I'm obviously going to suggest getting a professional to do this if you can. For no other reason than they will know what they are doing and can save you lots of time by getting the result, quicker. They will certainly have the equipment to make you look amazing and produce the "best version of yourself". They will have the experience of telling you how to move your head and shoulders and where to look and all the secrets that make the images look amazing

If you are going to have a go yourself then think of these few things.

  1. Look for natural lighting and use a good quality camera or phone with a tripod ideally or rest the camera on something head height.

  2. Choose whether you're going for a full-length environmental portrait in context or head and shoulders beforehand and plan out where and for what purpose you can use it with minimal disruption.

  3. Get some sleep the night before. Bags under the eyes aren't a good look.

  4. Think about your "costume". What image are you presenting? Laidback CEO? Killer sales guru? Empathetic Client relationship manager? Heavily patterned clothes draw away from the face and we want people to see you, not just what you're wearing. Unless it's a specific uniform for work (If you're a Formula 1 driver for instance!) then keep it free from distractions and clean)

Get yourself in the right mindset. If you're looking for a smiley warm inviting image then think of something funny or get someone to tell you a joke before you press the button, we are a mirror extension of the people who look at our image and people will look for longer at an image they like. Smiling instantly breaks down barriers and puts people at ease and if people feel at ease then they are more likely to do business with us.

Now that you've got some tips to start you off - have a go yourself. Remember if you decide you want to get professional headshots with the least amount of fuss. Give us a call - check our website or give us a call on 0799 9996 473. Follow us on social media @headshot_hotel or simply book in by clicking this link

Peter Morgan is a commercial, wedding and headshot photographer based in Penarth, Cardiff. Previous clients include Swim Wales, Admiral, Visit Wales, Signature Living, St David's Hotel and many others.

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