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Bring a few clothing options with you.  We recommend dark and/or light tops both formal and informal to get a few different looks. Look for items that are ideally not heavily patterned as this will draw away from your face.


Presentation Guidelines/Dresscode Ladies

Ladies you’d ideally want to come made up with your hair done but we can arrange a make-up artist and hairstylist for your session if you so wish for an additional fee (Please contact us prior to your session to discuss your options. Bring a few different jewelry options. If you’re going to get your eyebrows or top lip waxed,  plucked, or tidied. Get it done at least a day before. DON'T PANIC if you wake up with a zit from hell. It happens. We can fix it. It’s extremely rare that people turn up looking perfect.


Presentation Guidelines/Dresscode Men

Gents this is an easier one - get groomed, EYEBROW, EAR & NOSE HAIR!! Get it plucked or trimmed - we want you to look amazing and this personal regime is part of it. Turn up with your hair done and if you have facial hair wax it, trim it, or get it styled. Again don’t worry too much about a spot or blemish - talk to us about it we can tidy up or remove anything you aren’t happy with. Clothes wise. A good white formal shirt always looks good and you can add or remove a tie, sweater, or jacket should you want a different look.


The goal of these sessions is to help you feel happy with your appearance and self-image and get some amazing images that you’ll love.  


Please remember that any cancellations within 24hrs will still incur your session fee.


I look forward to our session.

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